Specialists in controlling vibration, sound, shock, movement and thermal transfer in buildings for over 50 years.

  • Floating floors, isolated foundations, structural bearings, anti-vibration washers, resilient seatings, coil spring and damper systems.
  • Market leader in thermal break connection plates.
  • Entertainment venues, sports centres, hotels, manufacturing plant, operating theatres, offices and structures near major road and rail sites.



Specialist vibration and levelling solutions for industry, manufacturing and power generation.

  • Automotive production lines to single machine tools, roll grinders to printing presses.
  • Anti-vibration and precision levelling mountings for pumps, compressors and wind turbines.
  • Technologies refined through years of experience and customer feedback.
  • Global network of OEMs and industrial distributors.


55 years of engineering solutions

Farrat is proud to have been designing and manufacturing products since 1959.

As manufacturers, we understand what long-term commitment, experience and listening to customers can achieve and we are committed to continually improve everywhere we can.


Case Studies

We partner organisations in many different sectors around the world; here are a few examples of the differing challenges Farrat expertise has had to meet.

Vibration isolation for Kaleva printing plant, Olu, FInland.

Farrat's Isomat Isolated Foundation System allows a 791,500kg printing facility to operate with no vibratory disruption ...

The perfect isolation system for the 14 screen Vue Cinema, White City, London

Farrat's team worked with it's specialist installation partner Acoustruct and applied their combined expertise and on-si...

Farrat gives Guildhall School London outstanding acoustic performance

Comprising a concert hall, theatres, rehearsal suites and adjacent residential accommodation, Farrat has delivered a mas...

Vibration isolation prevents oil pipeline from sinking into the Abu Dhabi desert.

Technicas Reunidas selects Farrat for both specialist engineering consultancy and isolator supply.

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