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Anti Vibration and Levelling MountsThermal Break ConnectionsAnti Vibration Materials and Washers Isolated Foundations Acoustic Structural Bearings Acoustic Floating Floors
Acoustic and Vibration Control solutions and Thermal Break Connections for buildings

Building Isolation Cinemas Concert Halls
Gyms, Bowling Alleys, Auditoria, Recording Studios, Large Plant Equipment

Commercial, Education, Leisure, Hotels, Residential, Industrial, Civic
Anti Vibration and Levelling Solutions for Industrial Machinery and equipment.

Power Presses Roll Grinders Printing Presses Pumps/Compressors
Punch Presses, Machining Centres, Grinding Machines, Gear Cutting Machines, CMMs, Injection Moulding Machines, Guillotines, Can Making Machines (Bodymakers), Dynomometers, Large Plant Equipment
Anti Vibration and Precision Levelling solutions for power generation equipment

Pumps/Compressors Wind Turbines
Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Fans, Generators, Coal Crushers, Nuclear, Energy from Waste
Global Network Research and Development

Farrat Isolevel is a manufacturer of specialist products and solutions to provide vibration control, thermal break and levelling solutions for industrial equipment and building structures around the world.

We specialise in: Building isolation, Isolated Foundations, Acoustic Floating Floors, Anti-Vibration Materials and Washers, high load capacity Thermal Break Connections, Machine levelling and Anti-Vibration Mounts.

We are proud and passionate about what we do and it is important to us that we are trusted as advisors and suppliers to our customers, partners and specifiers.