Farrat’s range of heavy duty structural coil spring isolation systems provides low frequency vibration isolation for large structures and industrial equipment. They have been used worldwide for a wide range of applications.

Why choose Farrat Coil Spring Isolators?

  • FSL Coil Spring Isolation systems are used to provide both active and passive vibration isolation with natural frequencies down to 3Hz to isolate disturbing frequencies down to 6Hz.
  • Where a system is likely to pass through or near resonance and excessive movement is a concern it is recommended that FV Viscous Dampers are used in conjunction with the FSL springs. This combination of FSL Coil Spring Isolators and FV Viscous Dampers also provides excellent shock absorption.
  • FSLV Coil Spring and Viscous Damper Isolators combine an FV viscous damper into a modified FSL Coil Spring Isolator to provide a compact integrated unit.

Typical Applications:

  • building structures
  • hospitals
  • roll grinding machines
  • power generation equipment (compressors, pumps, fans, gas and steam turbines, condensers)
  • crushing, milling and shredding equipment
  • oil and gas offshore platforms.

Farrat will design the isolation system to meet a customer’s specific technical requirements and provide construction drawings, installation instructions and optional installation supervision with all FSL Coil Springs. Please feel free to contact us for more information or technical design support. 

Active Shock and Vibration Isolation involves isolation of a dynamic system to reduce the effects of vibration and shock on nearby machinery, people and building structures. 

Passive Shock and Vibration Isolation involves the protection of sensitive structures or equipment to protect them from the effects of vibration and shock caused by nearby plant, machinery, vehicles, people etc. 

Shock Isolation involves the isolators storing the energy of the shock through isolator deflection and subsequent release in a smoother form over a longer period with lower overall amplitude. FSLV Viscous Dampers limit this movement by converting the kinetic energy of the movement into heat within the viscous fluid of the damper.