Everyman Altrincham officially opens it’s doors!

The highly-anticipated new Everyman Altrincham opens its doors today following a week of  VIP screenings.

Everyman Cinema Altrincham, acoustically isolated by Farrat

Earlier this year we took our team on a tour of the site during construction following the manufacture of a fully-integrated acoustic isolation system designed for each of the four boutique auditoria. 

It’s not often that Farrat design, manufacture and supply acoustic isolation for a project so close to home, so it was fantastic to get a first-look at the site.

During last nights official launch we took a look around the completed venue.

Everyman Cinema Altrincham - interior
Everyman Cinema Altrincham - bar

Everyman Altrincham public spaces have been divided into a variety of lounge and dining areas. The bar combines luxurious finishes set against exposed brick and steel with views through to a semi open kitchen.

The auditoria corridor leads  from the public space to the 4 auditoria, each of which have their own distinct character. Signature Everyman sofas are upholstered in a variety of velvet finishes and the back drop of walls and floors are clad in rich colours and textures. There is a menu offering a variety of drinks, hot food and snacks which can be consumed in the bar or received via waiter service directly to cinema seats.

Everyman Cinema Altrincham - concession area
Everyman Cinema - Auditorium isolated by Farrat

Acoustic isolation was critical on this project, due to the proximity and function of each of these separate spaces. 

There is an increasing trend for buildings and spaces to have multiple uses, therefore designers must consider disturbing noise and vibration frequencies and their harmonics, to ensure sufficient levels of noise and vibration isolation are achieved.

Using our experience from over 200 cinema projects, Farrat supplied a fully-integrated system to acoustically isolate each auditorium (installed by fit-out contractor G F Holding) –

Specification details for the Farrat systems used in this project are available on NBS Plus.

Everyman Altrincham is a fantastic addition to the Everyman portfolio and certainly a special cinema acoustic isolation project for Farrat.

Farrat gears up to host 450 delegates as ‘Strategic Acoustic Sponsor’ at the MENA Cinema Forum in Dubai

In response to recent research released by PWC that the number of cinema screens in the Middle East are set to jump 38.4% to 1,800 in the next 3-5 years (up from 1,300 currently), the first-ever MENA Cinema Forum will be held this weekend at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, October 28-29.

Farrat are Strategic Acoustic Sponsor fo the MENA Cinema Forum in Dubai

The MENA Cinema Forum will be the first ever business conference of its kind for the regional market and will be participated by 45 speakers and experts, 450 delegates and 90 sponsors, including high-performance sound insulation specialists from Farrat, who will act as headline Strategic Acoustic Sponsor.

The conference will offer a detailed research on the current situation and future growth potential of the cinema industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in front of an audience of 450 industry professionals from over 45 counties.


Ryan Arbabi, Technical Director of Farrat, and keynote speaker at the MENA Cinema Forum, commented on the decision to put Farrat at the forefront of the conference as Strategic Acoustic Sponsor,  “This is the first event of its kind in the region and  pulls a much wider audience than we’re typically used to speaking to.

“We’re really looking forward to using the event as a great showcase for our new contractor-focused products and services. I’m particularly pleased to be able to use the event to pre-launch CineFLOOR – our new line of Cinema-specific acoustic floating floors.”


Leila Masinaei, Managing Director of GM Events, organiser of the MENA Cinema Forum, added that, “The 38.4% additional cinema screens will help the entertainment market to grow faster as additional capacities will be high enough to meet the growing demand that is expected to come from key countries in the MENA region.

“The recent liberalisation and reform initiatives across countries in the MENA region have opened up a lot of opportunities for industry that will see the biggest boom in the entertainment and cinema industry.”

More than US$3.54 billion investment in cinema screens across the Gulf is expected to help the region’s cinema industry expand manifold, following Saudi Arabia’s historic decision to open up the sector 35 years after cinemas were banned in the Kingdom.


Oliver Farrell, CEO of Farrat, also commented on Farrat’s commitment to the new Total Acoustic Responsibility service in the MENA region, “In partnership with Sharps Redmore, we’re going to be announcing a brand new initiative exclusive to the MENA region.

“It is unprecedented in its scope and something only world-experts in cinema design such as Farrat and Sharps Redmore could offer, so watch out for a number of exciting announcements from us across the course of the event”.

The eventful conference will be full of activities including workshops, break-out meetings, site visits and major announcements, bringing together the entire spectrum of stakeholders involved within the cinema sector including, but not limited to; local and international governments, investment companies, mall owners, cinema operators and exhibitors, suppliers and industry leaders, to address the growing requirements of the cinema market within the region.

Farrat will be exhibiting at STAND 01 throughout the 2-day conference.

Follow live updates from the event over on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

The Farrat team takes a tour of the new Everyman Cinema site in Altrincham

Farrat site visit to the new Everyman cinema currently being built in Altrincham

Last week, we took our team on a tour of the new Everyman Cinema being built in our hometown, Altrincham.

It’s not often that Farrat design, manufacture and supply acoustic isolation for a project so close to home, so it was fantastic to get a first-look at the site in construction.

The boutique cinema is set to open this winter and will house four screens and a bar/restaurant on the first floor, with two retail/leisure units – spanning 4,000 sq ft and 5,000 sq ft – at ground level.

Accessible both from New Market Square and George Street, this will be the second cinema in Altrincham after Vue on Denmark Street and the first to incorporate a high-performance sound insulation system manufactured by Farrat.

Using our experience from over 200 cinema projects, Farrat supplied a fully-integrated system to acoustically isolate each auditorium, including;

The system is currently being installed by the appointed fit-out contractor, G F Holding.

Farrat Lightweight Partition Isolation installed at Everyman Cinema, Altrincham
Installation of Farrat Lightweight Partition Isolation begins at Everyman Cinema, Altrincham

When asked about the Altrincham project, Everyman Chief Executive Crispin Lilly said:

“Our focus is really on experience. We aim to make every guest’s visit special no matter what they choose to watch, and make them fall in love with a night at the cinema.”

Farrat are pleased to help Everyman create this immersive experience.

Specification details for the Farrat systems used in this project are available on RIBA NBS here.

To learn more about Farrat solutions for isolating cinemas, read our range of Cinema resources here.

Why choose Farrat for Acoustic Isolation of Ramps?

Ramps are a common architectural feature where there are acoustic floating floors. Transitioning from the build-up height of the acoustic floating floor back to the structural slab level, is usually far cheaper than raising the level of all adjoining floors.

Ramp detailing may seem straightforward, however it is the installation item that most commonly features on snagging lists.

Using our experience from over 200 cinema projects, Farrat has out-designed the common causes of installation defects to provide the most robust, acoustically isolated ramp detail possible. Careful consideration has been given to ease of installation and durability, as well as the interfaces and thresholds to ensure longevity, even under very heavy foot-traffic.

Example of a poorly designed ramp detail
Isolated Ramp Detail, designed by Farrat
Completed Farrat Ramp Detail

Providing acoustic isolation to a ramp in this way allows the highest possible levels of acoustic isolation to be maintained, despite reducing build-up height availability, as the full acoustic floating floor transitions to a lower non-isolated floor. Once finished with an appropriate covering (carpet or vinyl) it can be heavily trafficked without risk to the integrity of the screed or transition interfaces.

Visit our Acoustic Isolation of Ramps page here or download the Application Guide for help with designing a fully isolated Ramp detail.

Other useful Farrat resources related to Ramp isolation include:

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Farrat work with Kier to deliver 800-seat Theatre and Odeon Cinema, as part of £37.5m state-of-the-art cultural centre in Chester

Farrat design and manufacture an acoustic isolation system for auditorium at Chester Theatre

The largest public building ever constructed in the city, Storyhouse Theatre is a complex design of both old and new; with a redeveloped 1930s art deco Odeon cinema forming one half of the building and an adjoining new-build theater section making up the other.

The 800-seat theatre, which also converts into a 600-seat venue to support Chester-based productions, presented a number of technical challenges to Main Contractor, Kier, who contacted Farrat during the design stage to develop a solution to acoustically isolate the main auditorium, cinema and roof plant deck. The auditorium would be housed in the new building and linked to the existing Grade II listed cinema by open foyer spaces, leading to a library and cinema space.

Therefore, it was critical that noise and vibration were contained at each source to avoid sound disturbing the adjacent acoustically sensitive facilities.

  • Farrat worked with Acoustic Engineer Sandy Brown to design a bespoke Concrete Floating Floor system, taking meticulous attention to detail to create a full area, homogenous slab with minimal flanking for the floors in both auditoriums.
  • An acoustic void depth of 125mm was required, so Farrat supplied our isolators pre-bonded to treated timber battens to speed up the installation.
  • The walls were isolated using six to eight sheets of soundboard, plasterboard and Farrat high-performance sound insulation materials.
Farrat work with Kier to acoustically isolate the Chester Theatre Project

The main contractor installed this project themselves, however Farrat provided installation training, oversight and inspections with regular site visits.

Project Manager, Ian Simms, explained to Construction News that the acoustic tolerances and finding space to fit existing services around the old Odeon structure was a huge challenge. “It’s certainly something I’ve never been involved in before and it’s been a real eye-opener,” he says. He adds that a collaborative approach from the entire team was vital to tackling the intricacies of the listed structure.

For more information on Acoustic Isolation for Concert Halls or Cinemas, download the Application Guides here. For technical details of the Farrat Concrete Floating System click here, or download the NBS specification.

Grade II listed building in Sheffield is transformed into multi-screen cinema, using three high-performance sound insulation systems developed by Farrat.

Housed in the historic former Sheffield Bank Headquarters, a three-screen auditorium cinema has been built inside an existing listed building by Curzon Cinema Group. Farrat were approached by the Architect, Unick, early in the design and specification stage following working together on similar Curzon Cinema projects in the past, to design a suitable box-in-box acoustic isolation system that was sympathetic to both the beautiful architectural features of the old building that were to be retained and it’s structural load capacity.

The design intent by was for all of the internal architectural features and finishes of the old bank to be retained; with Auditoria 1 to feature the large double height volume of the main bank hall and Auditoria 2 and 3 to be constructed within the confines of the existing primary structure.  Above the auditoriums would be a bar with direct access to a south facing roof terrace which would include the provision for outdoor screening. Therefore acoustic isolation of the floors, seating and internal walls was essential to ensure that noise and vibration from each auditorium was contained at source.

Due to the retro-fit nature of the project, the structure was not strong enough to support the weight of a concrete cinema structure typically used, so Farrat’s Lightweight Floating Floor system and Raked Seating Isolation (TISS) system were selected as the most suitable solutions. Farrat Lightweight Partition Isolation (PLAS) was also built into the design to reduce auditoria to auditoria flanking noise.

Curzon Cinema project integrating three high-perofrmance sound insulation systems engineered and manufactured by Farrat

For technical details of each of the high-performance sound insulation systems used in this project, please click our resources the below:

For specification details, please download from RIBA NBS here.

Farrat reduce structure borne noise from London Underground trains penetrating new £700m Francis Crick Biomedical Research Institute building

Francis Crick building construction - preparing the Farrat floors before concrete pouring

Francis Crick Institute – the new home of a world leading medical research institute in London – has taken five years to build and was completed in August 2016. It was designed by HOK working with PLP Architecture and constructed by Laing O’Rourke, who was appointed as Main Contractor.

The basement of the building sits over an underground line and houses a large lecture theatre auditorium. Farrat were approached by the Acoustic Consult to design and supply an acoustic flooring system that would provide flanking sound insulation > 55dB DnTw + CTr  at the same time as reducing structure born re-radiated noise from the underground trains.   Farrat’s Concrete Floating Floor system was selected as the most effective solution, achieving 95% isolation at 63Hz with a natural frequency of 12Hz.   A special detail was additionally included, to allow a movable wall to be built through the centre of the auditorium so it could function as one large lecture theatre, or be separated into two smaller auditoria whilst retaining its isolating function and maintaining a high level of sound insulation between the two.

For more information on this system, visit our Farrat Concrete Floating Floors page or contact our Technical Team. Alternately, download the specification from RIBA NBS here.

Farrat supply Acoustic Floating Floors for 16 VOX cinema screens at City Centre Almaza Mall, Egypt

Farrat are proud to have recently supplied Acoustic Floating Floors for 16 state-of-the-art VOX cinema screens within the prestigious $509m Majid Al Futtaim ‘City Centre Almaza’ retail project, located in Cairo, Egypt.

City Centre Almaza is set to open early 2019, and will feature 103,455 square metres of retail space offering over 300 international and local brands, as well as a 13,040 square metre Carrefour and 16 state-of-the-art VOX cinema screens. Each VOX Cinema screen will feature high-resolution digital projection systems, digital 3D content and Dolby Atmos 7.1 multidimensional surround sound systems, to create a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience for viewers.

Farrat worked with Al Dhabi Contracting, following a successful collaboration on a similar project (Mall of Egypt) and drew on experience from other prior projects for City Centre and Majid Al Futtaim to isolate noise and vibration disturbance from closely spaced auditoria, retail units and external transport noise.

A hybrid box-in-box design for each auditorium was engineered, to provide high levels of acoustic isolation with minimal risk of flanking. The system consists of Farrat Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors, with the Farrat PLAS system used to isolate the internal walls and ceilings –  decoupling each auditorium from the surrounding building structure.

Farrat supply Acoustic Floating Floors for 16 state-of-the-art VOX Cinema Screens at City Centre Almaza mall

For more details on Farrat’s full range of acoustic solution options for floors, walls and raked seating in Cinemas, please click here or download our Cinema Guide.

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