Farrat manufacture a comprehensive range of products which have been used in numerous applications worldwide to effectively provide vibration, acoustic and shock isolation within building structures.

Our products are produced to a high quality and in accordance with relevant standards such as BS6177 (Selection and use of elastomeric bearings for vibration isolation of building structures) & ISO6446 (Specification of rubber products for bridge bearings) etc.

Basic Principles

Isolation generally means that the ’Isolator’ should have a dynamic natural frequency of around half that of the disturbing frequency.

Damping converts energy (such as vibration disturbance) into heat which can then be dissipated. Damping reduces the effects of Isolation but is often considered beneficial within an isolation system. Damping is also very important for Shock Absorption to dissipate the energy as quickly as possible.

The above-mentioned factors, together with load bearing capacity requirements of the isolator and potentially numerous other considerations, means that to establish the appropriate isolator for an individual location within a building structure can be complex and require a high degree of variety in isolator type, grade and size.

In understanding these market requirements, Farrat offer a tailored solution for each project to ensure that the appropriate product is delivered to meet the project and specification requirements.

The type of products that we offer are outlined below but we invite you to contact us with enquiries for either concept design stage queries or product specific quotations.

Send us an enquiry

A useful start point for any project where there are many individual isolators to be specified is to download and fill in this Isolator Schedule. With this information we can advise on the most appropriate isolator type.

We would also value any drawings, design details and specifications which are available.



Farrat designed a bespoke solution to acoustically isolate a private music room in an apartment.


Birmingham REP & Library

Farrat were required to acoustically isolate a studio theatre from the rest of library using a ‘box-in-box’ construction design.

The perfect isolation system for the 14 screen Vue Cinema, White City, London

This project involved acoustically isolating a 14 screen Vue cinema in the largest urban shopping centre in Europe.