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Farrat Isomat Isolated FoundationsFarrat Isolated Foundations are designed to provide effective, low frequency isolation of machinery and equipment. Used extensively in industrial applications either as Active Isolation to prevent noisy, vibration emitting equipment (power presses, printing presses etc) from disturbing their surroundings or as Passive Isolation to prevent sensitive equipment (body co-ordinate measuring machines, dynamometers etc) from being disturbed by structure born vibration.

Whether you are relocating existing machinery, installing new equipment or are involved in detailing foundations, if vibration control is a key issue then Farrat Isolated Foundations are the right solution for extending the life of your machine.

Our technical team provide both technical & design advice to develop bespoke, reliable systems tailored to your installation. This includes full specifications, predicted natural frequencies, damping ratios, layout drawings and installation instructions.

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Typical Applications:


Typical Industries:

  • Canning
  • Printing
  • Metrology
  • Steel / Paper
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Recycling


Benefits of Isolated Foundations:

  • Increasing machine frame stiffness to maintain alignment
    during changes in applied static and dynamic loads
  • Minimising changes in level due to alterations in static load distribution
  • Increasing inertia mass of the machine and reducing vibration
    through mass damping
  • Inertia blocks are usually 3 to 5 times the mass of the machine
  • Lowering the centre of gravity to improve stability
  • Distributing static and dynamic loads over a greater ground area
  • Isolating low frequency of shock and vibration using more
    elastic vibration isolators than could be used between machine
    and foundation
  • Low frequency disturbing vibration requires low frequency,
    high deflection vibration isolators. (On machinery requiring
    low operating motion amplitudes an isolated foundation is
    essential if low frequency vibration isolation is required).

Farrat Isolation Materials:

FSL Coil Spring Isolators

Favim (FM100)

Isomat Neoprene (IMBR)

Farrat Isomat Nitrile (NR) Pad Range

Isomat Nitrile (IMBR)

Technical Enquiries:
Click here to submit enquiry, or contact our Sales Team on: +44 (0) 161 924 1600.

To effectively process an enquiry we ask for you to supply the following information on the machine/structure to be isolated:

  • Type/Make
  • Length and width
  • Length, width and depth of proposed foundation pit / inertia block
  • Static Wet Mass
  • Mass of any workpiece components, tooling or general live loads in addition to the Static Wet Mass
  • Previously determined natural frequency required by the isolated foundation system
  • Type and grade of any pre specified vibration isolation system / materials
  • Drawings of the installation, layout and machine / structure to be isolated
  • Location of the installation.