Farrat Precision Levelling Elements (WL-LEs) are the ideal choice for the installation and levelling of precision and long bed machinery.

WL-LEs provide a system of installation of large or heavy equipment which requires a very rigid connection to their foundations and which also require very accurate alignment for satisfactory performance; such as machines which are subjected to significant changes in load distribution during operation.

Farrat Precision Levelling Elements (WL-LE) can be used for supporting and levelling machinery and equipment during construction, erection and operation.

They are the same basic form as standard Wedgemount but the top and bottom faces are precision machined to provide an accurate, rigid support for maximum stiffness


Farrat Precision Levelling Range


WL-LE Levelling Mounts

To achieve the greatest support / stiffness for a machine, the WL-LE without pads is recommended.

Available in 3 forms:

  • Freestanding (F)
  • Bolt-On (B)
  • Bolt-Through (T)

Variants & Part Numbers

SizePart Ref (Freestanding)Part Ref (Bolt-On)Part Ref (Bolt-Through)

Product Dimensions

SizeLoad (Kg)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)N± (mm)AF (mm)Mass (Kg)Bolt-On (Hole Size - C)Bolt-Through (Hole Size - C)D (mm)E (mm)

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Features & Benefits

  • Rigid Machine to foundation integration
  • Precision adjustment to obtain very fine alignment
  • Systemised heavy machine installation
  • A very high degree of machine bed stiffness (by conversion of support points from pivot support to a virtually fixed or built-in support)
  • A very tight connection between the machine and floor without distortion of the machine bed. The tighter the connection the more the concrete will integrate itself with the machine thus increasing the reinforcing effect of the concrete
  • Facility to carry out subsequent readjustments to alignment to correct foundation settlements and movements which may occur from time to time
  • Support for machines which are subjected to significant changes in load distribution during operation

Machinery Applications

Levelling and supporting heavy components on machine tool tables, long bed machinery, large boring and milling machines, grinding machines, transfer machines, rolling mills, gas turbines, large compressors, nuclear reactors and buildings & structures.

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By their very nature, industrial machinery and equipment will generate shock and vibration which can affect the performance of the machine itself as well propagate through the ground to disturb operators, surroundings such as floors and foundations, building structures, offices and neighbouring residents and businesses etc.

Working closely with a trusted global network of industrial distributors and original equipment manufacturers, we have provided solutions to all manner of industrial applications, from full automotive production lines to individual machine tools and HVAC equipment, power presses, roll grinders and printing presses.

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