Lightweight Partition Isolation

Why choose Farrat for Acoustic Isolation of Lightweight Partitions? (PLAS)

Using Farrat materials to isolate a high-performance acoustic wall directly off the structural slab is a cost-effective way of achieving the ideal of a ‘box-in-box’ scenario without needing to support the wall off a floating floor.

This significantly reduces the cost and complexity of a floating floor system and is much simpler and faster to install (no concrete formwork is required), all without providing any limiting factors to the acoustic performance of the partition.

Farrat Favim Material - used as strips in the isolation of studwork partition walls in cinemas

Farrat Partition Isolation solutions are quick to install and adaptable.

  • Favim FV10 is used a base material, which can be cut easily with a retractable knife and can be drilled through. 
  • The bush dimension of the AWTH06 washer is designed to match an M6 mechanical anchor, so only one drilling operation is required.
  • Detail is adaptable for all SFS channel widths and acoustic wall types and non-setting intumescent mastic can be applied below the outermost plasterboard layer to maintain fire integrity.

For more information on using Acoustic Isolation of Lightweight Partitions, please see the following Farrat Technical Guides

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Example application of Farrat Perimeter Acoustic Isolation:
Diagram: Typical-use scenario with an acoustic floating floor
Example Site Applications:

Step 1

  • Ensure floor is free of debris.
  • Set out edge of FAVIM strip to internal edge of wall.
  • For double skin walls, or when using oversize FAVIM strips, excess material can be cut back after.
High-performance sound insulation - Step 1

Step 2

  • Place SFS channel onto FAVIM, leaving material exposed equal to the width of the board layers.
  • Drill holes at 600mm centres through channel and FAVIM into concrete (ensure to follow manufacturers instructions provided with mechanical anchors).
High-performance sound insulation - Step 2

Step 3

  • Secure SFS channel onto FAVIM and concrete by fastening mechanical anchor through AWTH06 washer.
  • The bush element of the washer should be inserted into the oversize hole in the SFS channel and FAVIM.
High-performance sound insulation - Step 3

Step 4

  • Install plasterboard so it is resting on the protruding FAVIM.
  • Cut back excess material if necessary.
  • If fire sealing is necessary, flexible (non-setting) intumescent mastic must be used.
High-performance sound insulation - Step 4
Farrat Favim - vibration isolation material

NR Rubber / PU Foam Mix

100% Recycled. 100% Recycled.
Requires adhesive bonding.

  • AWTH Washers are 25mm wide
  • Available as Woven/Woven
  • Typical Lead Time: 2 – 3 working days
AWTH Washer - dimensions
AWTH Washer

Vulcanising zinc plated washer
Chloroprene (Neoprene) acoustic washer and sleeve (bush)

Good oil, chemical and fire resistance
Operating temp from –10 to +90 ºC
Fire rating / building material class: B2

  • AWTH Washers are 25mm wide
  • Available as Woven/Woven
  • Typical Lead Time: 2 – 3 working days

Specification, Material & Installation

Farrats friendly and helpful team can assist clients with a variety of high performance acoustic isolation solutions and damping materials.

Our team of noise & vibration engineers can provide detailed guidance on the specification of vibration isolation and damping materials, high performance sound insulation detailing and structural vibration isolation solutions at any stage of design and see this to completion with the supply of the market-leading materials and installation guidance.

Specification NBS Plus - Farrat

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