Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips

Why choose Farrat Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips?

Farrat Perimeter Acoustic Isolation strips are used in conjunction with Acoustic Floating Floors to maintain the isolation of the floating element by preventing it from touching the surrounding walls or other isolated structures.

They are fitted as the first step in the installation process for all types of Acoustic Floating Floors and have further applications in assisting with setting the finished floor level and clearing perimeter concrete snots.

All options in Farrats Perimeter Isolation Strip range perform the function of providing a resilient separation between the floating element and the surrounding structure in an Acoustic Floating Floor construction. However each have different features to assist with installation. 

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Typical application of Farrat Perimeter Acoustic Isolations Strips:
Example Site Applications:

Step 1

  • Align either the top of the strip level of the strip level or the tear-off line with the finished floor datum and adhere to perimeter walls.
  • Farrat ISOFOAM ISO3 Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips have self-adhesive back to speed up installation.

Step 2

  • It is not always necessary for the strip width to extend all the way to the structural slap level, but it must extend at least 25 mm below the underside of the floating element (including formwork).

Step 3

  • Perimeter Acoustic Isolation Strips should be butted tightly together and installed anywhere that the floating element would otherwise touch existing structure. This includes penetrations through the floating element.

Step 4

  • Once the floating element element has been installed, ensure that the isolation strip is visible and clear of debris around the entire perimeter.
  • Clear away concrete snots and/or remove tear-off strips as necessary.


Self-adhesive back allows for fast installation & easy positioning.

Thickness Thread(Bottom/top) Stock
10mm Plain/Self Adhesive Non-Stock
20mm Plain/Self Adhesive Stock
Upto 50mm Plain/Plain Bespoke


Very low dynamic stiffness.
Tear-off strip for fast finishing/snagging.

Thickness Thread(Bottom/top) Stock
10mm Plain/Plain Non-Stock
20mm Plain/Plain Non-Stock
25mm Plain/Plain Stock
50mm Plain/Plain Stock

NR Rubber / PU Foam Mix

100% Recycled. 100% Recycled.
Requires adhesive bonding.

Thickness Thread(Bottom/top) Stock
12.5mm Plain/Plain Stock
25mm Plain/Plain Stock
Upto 50mm Plain/Plain Bespoke

Specification, Material & Installation

Farrats friendly and helpful team can assist clients with a variety of high performance acoustic isolation solutions and damping materials.

Our team of noise & vibration engineers can provide detailed guidance on the specification of vibration isolation and damping materials, high performance sound insulation detailing and structural vibration isolation solutions at any stage of design and see this to completion with the supply of the market-leading materials and installation guidance.

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