Important CEO Update 21/10/20

21st Oct 2020

Farrat undergoes third generation family buyout with Oliver Farrell as new Group CEO. Following 60 years of success as a family owned and operated engineering company, Farrat Isolevel [...]

Fire legislations across the world – is meeting the current mandatory good enough?

16th Oct 2020

Fire regulations for construction exist across most of the world, and the sad fact is that they were mostly created, or updated, as a result of a fire [...]

Farrat TBF surpasses structural and fire resistance requirements

12th Oct 2020

Following the launch of the world’s first A2 rated structural thermal break, Farrat have been further investigating and enhancing the performance criteria for their Farrat TBF product to [...]

The role of specifying: can structural thermal breaks become a doorway to design freedom?

7th Oct 2020

Its long been recognised that thermal bridges in building envelopes can cause problems of heat loss and mould growth, leading to poor energy performance, interstitial condensation and unsightly/unhealthy [...]

Evolving the way we deliver CPD: online learning built around you 

5th Oct 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for those who deliver CPD training. Like many providers, Farrat are exploring alternative ways to engage with our clients and adapt [...]

Farrat to sponsor hybrid META Cinema Forum 2020

24th Sep 2020

The 2020 META Cinema Forum will be conducted as a hybrid event – both online and in person – and Farrat are looking forward to being part of [...]

Farrat isolates first Dolby Atmos auditorium in Saudi Arabia

17th Aug 2020

Muvi Cinemas - Saudi Arabia’s first home-grown cinema brand – have deployed the first Dolby Cinema screen in Saudi Arabia at the U-Walk Boulevard, Arabian Centres in Riyadh. [...]

Tekla partnership on new Farrat plug-in tool

1st Jul 2020

In partnership with Trimble Solutions UK, we're pleased to announce the launch of a new Farrat plug-in tool.  This new Tekla Structures tool will help to facilitate efficient [...]

An update from Farrat on the COVID-19 outbreak

1st Jul 2020

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers, Despite the ongoing threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Farrat has succeeded in providing an uninterrupted level of service to the high standards [...]

Cinema takes off in Saudi Arabia

30th Mar 2020

Cinema is a new industry in Saudi Arabia, with the first cinema open to the public only opened in 2018. Film activity before this consisted of films being […]