Tekla partnership on new Farrat plug-in tool

In partnership with Trimble Solutions UK, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Farrat plug-in tool.  This new Tekla Structures tool will help to facilitate efficient design and detailing of Thermal Break Plates into structural steel framed buildings.

This newly released time-saving tool enables Farrat’s Structural Thermal Break Plates to be incorporated directly into a Tekla user’s BIM model, and automatically integrate with all structural attributes, scheduling and production dimensions.

Prior to the launch of the innovative plug-in tool, Tekla and Farrat customers would have had to manually model a generic steel plate with no specific attributes and simply label it as a thermal break plate. What’s more, the plate would not have been specific to any manufacturer, meaning that it would have been impossible for architects and engineers to generate precise take-offs and price estimates.

Now, once the tool has identified a steel connection where a structural thermal break is required, the dimensional and locational information is drawn direct from the connection and the appropriate structural thermal break plate is automatically created. The plate remains linked to the steel connection, so any subsequent design changes are automatically reflected in the thermal break component.

The new Farrat plug-in tool is also able to automatically assign the correct attributes and weights for the full range of Farrat’s thermal break products, meaning that all dimensional, performance and price information can be contained in the object and exported.

Steven Insley, National Sales Manager at Trimble Tekla UK said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Farrat on this new plug-in tool. A significant number of their steel fabrication customers use Tekla Structures as their primary design and detailing tool and, with Farrat’s Structural Thermal Breaks regularly incorporated in the main frame model, it made sense for us to collaborate and work on combing the two.”

You can download the tool now.

An update from Farrat on the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,

Despite the ongoing threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Farrat has succeeded in providing an uninterrupted level of service to the high standards for which we are renowned. Following the implementation of additional site safety measures and innovative new working practices, we remain supremely confident in our ability to shield our employees whilst protecting our customers via the continuity of supply.

We have now returned to full operational capacity – fully energised to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have chosen to embrace the global challenges of 2020 and exercised our mantra of ‘Engineers On A Mission’ to identify numerous means of improving our business practices.

We are both well placed and fully committed to deliver ongoing success throughout the remainder of the year and beyond!

Paul Mellish
Head of Engineering & Operations

Cinema takes off in Saudi Arabia

Cinema is a new industry in Saudi Arabia, with the first cinema open to the public only opened in 2018. Film activity before this consisted of films being shown in conference rooms, and home use of DVD, satellite or video.

To be leading such an important development to a country is both exciting and rewarding. We’re currently the preferred supplier for every operator in Saudi Arabia and we’re pleased to have solved every technical issue that we have come up against so far, provided marketing leading expert guidance and in addition, delivered all of this and an unprecedented volume of product in the incredibly short timescales that this industry is demanding.

We supplied the sound insulation solutions for nearly 20 multiplexes so far – all but 2 of the ones built in 2019.

Here are just a couple of the people we’ve worked with in the last two years from MUVI Cinema and their contractor, East Delta Saudi at the recent KSA Cinema event held in Saudi Arabia in February, which we were happy to be invited to.

The Reopening of Flagship Hammersmith Arts Centre Riverside Studios for 2020

The massive renovation project at the Riverside Studios came to a close with the opening of the most modern TV studio in the whole of the UK. It also has two theatre spaces with 200 and 500 seat capacity, 2 cinemas and social facilities such as a café, coffee shop and bar.

Farrat were pleased to be a big part of this innovative building whose key aim was to have sound isolation so great that productions could run simultaneously without disrupting each other. The studios in particular were designed with a complete “box-in-box” design enabling maximum use at all times.

Farrat were involved with the sound insulation of the cinemas and studios one, two and three. A mix of bearings were used to ensure sound was isolated to the extent that it would not be heard or felt anywhere else in the building, including Farrat Acoustic Laminated Bearings and Farrat Hybrid Bearings. Other materials used to achieve this effect include Farrat ISOMAT and Farrat AWSTC Acoustic Washers.


Farrat were involved with the sound insulation of the cinemas and studios one, two and three. A mix of bearings were used to ensure sound was isolated to the extent that it would not be heard or felt anywhere else in the building, including Farrat Acoustic Laminated Bearings and Farrat Hybrid Bearings. Other materials used to achieve this effect include Farrat ISOMAT and Farrat AWSTC Acoustic Washers.

Artistic director of the space, William Burdett-Coutts, said: ‘To see Riverside Studios reopen its doors to the public is the culmination of a dream. Whilst the old building held an extremely fond place in the hearts of people across the arts, television and film worlds it had all the benefits and problems of a “found space”. Essentially it began life as a Victorian factory and through a number of different incarnations played a part in all these different worlds.

landscape materials photo

‘Today the new building combines all these interests into a fantastic new public facility which can realise the potential for this incredible site in London. The artists that have passed through the building are legendary and we look forward to welcoming many more in future and making this a place the public feel they can enjoy and cherish.’

Riverside landscape

Steel Construction in Education Buildings with Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks

State of the art, modern buildings can only enhance an individual’s education, and steel construction is a large part of creating these inspirational projects in a flexible and cost-effective manner. Farrat’s structural thermal break team are pleased to have supplied products for a number of projects, recently opened for the start of the academic year in 2019.

The London School of Economic’s new building brought together sustainable design and a desire to improve the well-being of the inhabitants. The exo-skeletal bracing sits outside the envelope of the building creating a striking design as well as enabling a range of teaching and learning spaces. The facility offers four lecture theatres, twelve seminar rooms and hundreds of study spaces.

The first new secondary school in Scotland for 25 years; Bertha Park High School – on the outer rim of Perth – has a distinct wedge-like shape created using a steel framework. At the northern end of the building, the framework measures seventy metres long and forty metres wide. The opening of this brand-new community resource in time for the start of the year in 2019 meant a new group of local students could make use of both the educational and social areas.

Steel construction also featured heavily in the new sports hub for the University of Warwick. It includes a 230 space gym, a swimming pool, 3G sports pitches, squash courts, a marital arts hall, space for 1,000 spectators and an impressive climbing wall as well as socializing areas.

The design features steel framework and metal decking, and relied heavily on use of Building Information Modelling to co-ordinate changes as the building grew and evolved. This use of technology and design innovation meant the project was completed 5 weeks early without compromising on the impressive finish.

The distinctive building is fronted by a series of ‘signature Ws’, exposed internal steelwork and visible exterior steel as an architectural feature.

The University of Central Lancashire’s Engineering Innovation Centre is based at the Preston Campus and was designed with the next generation of engineering innovators in mind. The building is six stories high, and the steel frame ended up at around seventy metres wide.

The design is flexible in nature with a column free approach and in some instances the ability to move partitions between classrooms. Clearly the aim here was to future proof this part of the university’s £230million campus ‘masterplan’ for a range of potential uses.

Take a look at our structural thermal break website to learn how to create energy efficient, compliant buildings.

Farrat New Starter – Paul Mellish: Head of Engineering and Operations

In 2019 Farrat were pleased to welcome Paul Mellish as our new Head of Engineering and Operations. A few months in, we’d like to tell you a little more about one of our new additions to the team.

What led you to Farrat?

I completed a degree in Manufacturing Engineering & Management at Loughborough University. I then spent almost 11 years at Rolls-Royce (aero engines) in a variety of Manufacturing Engineering roles. Following that, I moved into the automotive industry as a Technical Manager at Bentley Motors.

I was drawn back to aerospace for a couple more years in a consultant role, assisting a number of domestic SME’s to become more globally competitive. Following a short stint in Additive Manufacturing as an Operations Manager, I became the Operations Director for an aerospace surface treatments business, before moving to Farrat.

Paul Mellish

What are you most looking forward to getting involved in/doing at Farrat?

Assisting an already successful company to achieve the next big step and become world-leaders in our industry sector! I am also looking forward to enabling each area of the business to achieve its objectives and develop a high-performing community that is sustainable for the long-term future.

What drives you on a day to day basis?

Knowing that I have made a tangible contribution to the performance and success of the business. On a personal level, my main drive is to make my family proud and to provide them with a comfortable way of life.

Paul is just one of many new team members in a range of areas of the team including engineering, HR, accounts and operations. We’re looking forward to introducing you to more team members throughout 2020.

2019 at Farrat – a year of success

2019 has been a busy year for Farrat and full of achievements and projects to be proud of.  There are too many to go into in one post, but here are a few of the highlights of 2019.

Longevity is an ultimate aim for most businesses, and for Farrat to celebrate it’s 60th year this year was a fantastic achievement. A family business now into it’s third generation, Farrat continues to grow with a well-established team, many of whom plan to be here to celebrate 70 years no doubt.

Farrat celebrating 60 years of engineering and manufacturing in the UK

The growth of our non-structural vibration isolation department – new expanding markets has meant the size of this department has nearly doubled in size, with the launch of several new products in our Cine range. The number of projects in the middle east has grown with a number of high-profile openings this year including the largest mall in Egypt, which we were a significant part of.

Growth of cinema in the MENA region is huge with 500 new cinema screens planned between 2018 and 2023, and following attendance of the second MENA cinema forum, Farrat are looking to continue to be a big part of that.

The MENA cinema forum this year introduced a new way to display the power of Farrat’s Cine Range. Affectionately dubbed ‘the cube of silence,’ this demonstration enabled our Commercial Director Ryan Arbabi to show just how much noise and vibration we can isolate!

Farrat has continued a truly global reach in 2019, with more countries than we could go into in much detail. From canning factories in France, Brazil and the UK, shock isolation in Taiwan, vibration control at The Hague in the Netherlands and in Slovakia, in addition to the work in MENA with the growth of cinema in Saudi Arabia on the horizon – it’s been a globe trotting year!

Farrat TBF was a brand-new product launched this year, following numerous requests for a fire safe thermal break product. Fire safe thermal break material is not yet a legal requirement but to be able to launch a product as ahead of the curve, and one we truly believe will be in high demand in the future, was an exciting achievement.

Farrat TBF

The team has expanded this year to accommodate growth, but in addition to that, Farrat truly believes in developing team members internally. A large number of people within Farrat have progressed to new positions in house.

2020 sees a new level of growth with more exciting plans that we look forward to updating you on from as close as Manchester to the other side of the world.

Brazilian brewing company builds new $700million canning factory using Farrat Anti Vibration solutions.

Ambev are a Brazilian brewing company with an annual revenue of over $13 Billion USD.  They are building a new factory with an area of 45,000 square meters. The new factory will house two can production lines (bodymakers) and one lid production line (cuppers) and will run on 100% renewable energy.

It will be their first can factory in Brazil and will come at a cost of $700 Million USD. Ambev have employed Ribeiro Caram as the main contractor to carry out these works.  Staying on schedule is vital to the success of this project but health and safety is also a strong focus for them.

Farrat Anti-Vibration

This October 2019, Farrat have been working in person with engineering and construction teams in Brazil, to ensure that their production line machinery will be sufficiently isolated to work safely. The project is still ongoing but a recent on-site visit has meant we have been able to see the efficient future implementation of Farrat industrial vibration control solutions.

From our manufacturing facilities in the UK, we have supplied Farrat Vidam and Farrat Isomat Pads to configure bespoke designed Farrat Isolated Foundations.

On site Project Delivery Manager Neil Wilson says: ‘It’s very satisfying to see the Farrat logo on a building site on the other side of the world, knowing how hard everyone works in the UK to make it all happen from enquiry stage through to dispatch.’

Neil in foundations

Can making machines operate at high speeds and impact loads, which pass noise and vibrations in the surrounding area.  This can seriously affect the health and safety of both the people working there, and people living in the surrounding area.

canning diagram

By installing Farrat Isolated Foundations, these vibrations will be isolated, ensuring a better working environment and securing the safety of people in the area at large.

International projects such as these are a key part of Farrat’s mission in engineering; to provide both direct access to the best technical experts as well as the best solutions.

Farrat is first to market with an A2 Fire Rated Structural Thermal Break material

Farrat has unveiled the markets first A2 Fire Rated Structural Thermal Break ‘Farrat TBF’ this week, following 12 months of research and development in consultation with Salford and Manchester Universities, material scientists and specialist raw material producers.

Farrat TBF is a very limited combustibility Structural Thermal Break material designed to maintain full structural integrity in the event of fire.

Alongside its limited combustibility, the new Farrat TBF material stands alongside the markets best performing thermal insulators, with very high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity – preventing thermal bridges from forming between structural connections and mitigating against the risk of condensation, mould or corrosion.

Farrat TBF

Farrat TBF has been independently tested and verified to the latest industry standards, with a limited combustible calorific rating achieved to EN 1716.

Farrat TBF is verified to maintain its very high structural performance and compressive strength to 500° under EN ISO 604 and is consequently compliant for use under Document B Building Regulations for buildings above 18m.

Chris Lister, Commercial Manager at Farrat

“The addition of Farrat TBF to our Structural Thermal break range is in response to several enquiries from our clients regarding a fire-safe thermal break product,” explains Chris Lister, Commercial Manager for Thermal Products.

“The intention is that Farrat TBF acts as a reliable, effective and readily-available material for fabricators and designers that are looking to meet multiple building regulations relating to fire, heat loss and energy performance with the one Structural Thermal Break product. We expected Farrat TBF to be favoured and especially suitable for thermally insulating structural connections on high-rise developments and buildings above 18m.”

Farrat TBF is available for procurement worldwide from November 1st 2019 and is already set to be used in products around the UK.

High Rise

Passive House Certification for Farrat TBK Structural Thermal Break Plates

Farrat TBK Structural Thermal Break Plates have been granted a ‘Certified Passive House Component’ by the Passive House Institute.

Passive House is the standard for energy efficiency, granting certification to structures, components and professionals who have achieved the very best in quality, efficiency and sustainability.

The criteria to gain the title of ‘Certified Passive House Component’ is based on two categories:

  • Living health and comfort (‘Comfort criteria’) and
  • Energy balance during practical application (‘Energy criteria’)

Components that carry this certification have been tested according to these aforementioned criteria and are of a high standard regarding energy efficiency. This ensures that the specific use of the component meets the essential needs and functions of the professionals that require it (architects, structural engineers, technicians).

Farrat Structural Thermal Break Plates have received multiple certifications in the past. However, this is the first Farrat solution that has received Passive House Certification, cementing Farrat’s committed to developing innovative high-performance building materials with proven performance.

Passive House certification also fits closely into Farrat’s core values of Customer Service Excellence, Responsibility, Ambition and Quality, by ensuring quality assurance, performance and trust in manufacturing excellence.

“Farrat are very proud to have achieved certification to such a highly regarded standard as Passive House. Achieving exemplar level performance with our TBK material confirms our belief in the merits of solid state structural thermal breaks and the benefits of their use throughout general construction detailing.”

Chris Lister, Commercial Manager, Thermal Products

Farrat’s Passive House certificated Structural Thermal Break materials provide building design professionals with a robust solution to minimise energy loss. Suitable to mitigate against planar, linear and point load thermal bridging, Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks can be used anywhere a penetration or transition exists in a building envelope to help achieve building performance standards. Performance characteristics include low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength and very limited creep under load.

Full specifications are available for import from NBS Plus.

To contact us click here or get in touch on +44 (0) 161 924 1600.