Vibration Control, Acoustic and Shock Isolation

Solutions for Buildings, Industrial & Power Generation Equipment.

Building Vibration Isolation
High Performance Sound Insulation
Industrial Vibration Control
AV Materials, Washers & Bushes

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Structural Thermal Break Connections

BBA Certificated Structural Thermal Break Plates.

Plates, strips and machined parts manufactured with short lead times by Farrat to meet the needs of the application and the project.

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Support & Levelling of Industrial Machinery

Adjustable Machine Mounts and Machinery Installation Solutions.

Wedgemounts & Levelling Elements

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Our mission is to provide our customers – wherever they are in the world – with the best technical solutions to their engineering challenges, with access to technical experts and the ability to manufacture bespoke solutions all wrapped in the best possible customer service.

Building Isolation Systems, Cinemas, Concert Halls, Theatres, Music Studios, Gyms, Test Equipment, Forges, and Presses.

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Structural Connections, Facades, Balconies, Precast Structures and Cantilevered Structures.

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Injection Moulding Machines, Printing Presses, Grinders, Gas Turbines, Machining Centres and Steam Turbines.

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We are a proud family business celebrating 57 years of smart engineering and high quality manufacturing from our headquarters in Altrincham in the United Kingdom.

We Strive to Offer;

  • A Proactive, Professional and Honest Service – By providing reassurance and saving you time by being available to help, providing timely, proactive and accurate service from concept design through to delivery and hand over.
  • Valuable Knowledge in Niche Areas – By helping to solve technically challenging projects through our knowledge, experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities.
  • Innovation – By creating innovative, workable and compliant solutions that minimise required effort for the specifier and customer.
  • Trusted Technology & Performance – By providing peace of mind and minimising risk by supplying products and solutions with assured quality and performance by constantly testing, certifying and improving knowledge, systems and products.
  • High-Quality Products – By taking pride in our supply chain and manufacturing processes to ensure all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards.

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