Farrat Supply Isolation Materials for 11x Stolle Bodymakers and Minster Cupper in Poland

Farrat Isolation Materials supplied for 11x Stolle Bodymaker Isolated Foundations

Farrat recently supplied independent Can Manufacturer, Bagpak Polskawith anti-vibration materials to isolate the foundations of 11x Stolle Bodymakers and a Minster Cupper Press at their large metal packaging production site in Poland.

Bagpak approached Farrat to assist with the installation of their new high-speed can making line because of our experience and reputation within the Canning Industry; having developed several Isolated Foundation systems for Stolle Bodymakers and Cupper Presses in the past. Farrat have over 25 years experience designing and supplying multiple production lines globally, using our high quality, UK manufactured materials for projects across Europe, China, Middle East and India.

Typical materials used to isolate Cupping Presses or Bodymakers are;

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