VERLIMBER (VR) is a range of premium grade vibration isolation materials used for low pressure applications. 

The range includes VR16, VR27 and VR38 and is produced from high quality polyurethane using an innovative blown expansion method. Farrat Verlimber provides excellent low frequency vibration isolation whilst withstanding high repeated strains without loss of performance. This allows very high levels of acoustic performance to be achieved in lightweight structures.

Farrat Verlimber VR16

Why choose Farrat Verlimber (VR16, VR27, VR38)?

  • High resilience with very good low frequency isolation and damping performance.
  • Excellent for repeated compression cycle applications (up to 40% strain)
  • Long working lifetime (>60 years)
  • Waterproof and non-absorbing
  • Available in 160 grade (VR16) and 270 grade (VR27) for lower pressures
  • Can be supplied as full sheets, cut to size pads and strips (including holes and slots if required) according to the customer’s requirements.
Farrat Verlimber VR16
Farrat Verlimber VR27

Typical Applications:

  • Full building (raft-slab)
    • Soil pressure bearing support
    • Movement joints
  • Strips
    • Partition loading
    • Corbels
    • Timber frame supports
  • Pads
    • Bespoke low-load isolation
    • Steel/timber frame isolation
    • General anti-vibration pads

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