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Construction Module 01
Thermal Bridging & Structural Thermal Breaks
20 Credits

Industrial Module 01
Vibration Control of Machinery
20 Credits

Industrial Module 02
Noise & Vibration Effects of Impact Machinery
20 Credits

Upcoming Events 

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The drive to produce robust, low energy buildings is often at loggerheads with the notion of ‘design’ in architecture – a term commonly conceived to involve aesthetic concerns, along with light and space, but divorced from concerns about the building’s energy performance, thermal comfort and robustness.

To design-led architects,  does a rigid focus on minimisation of thermal bridging lead to prosaic, dull architecture? Can architects ignore thermal bridging in design, and use proprietary thermal breaks as a get out of jail free card, or just ignore the issue and leave the sustainability to technical solutions by the M&E consultants?  

This round table event on a hot button topic that is central to the industry’s ability to decarbonise buildings, will involve a panel of leading experts in the field, including short presentations and a lively debate on key questions related to thermal bridging such as: how seriously does the industry needs to take it? To what extent does it requires new approaches to design? To what extent can designers rely on proprietary solutions? Would some of the landmark pieces of architecture globally be possible today?

Thermal Breaks: Freedom of architectural expression vs building physics.

8th June 2021, 11:00 GMT    //   90mins Online Webinar – register to attend.

LIVE Roundtable Webinar hosted in partnership with  Passive House+, with guest panel members from the world of passive house design and architecture, such as Ann-Marie Fallon of Architype, Andy Lundberg of Passivate,  John Morehead of Wain Morehead Architects alongside academics from Salford University, ENHABIT and others.

Controlling vibration and chatter to improve quality and output in strip and sheet metal manufacturing.

24th June 2021, 15:45 GMT  //   90min Online Webinar – register to attend.

LIVE Technical Webinar hosted in partnership with IMechE Switzerland. Delivered by Youssef Benhafsi, Principle Engineer of Industrial Vibration Analysis at Farrat and Florian Cabaret, Applications Engineer of Industrial Applications at Farrat.

Webinar on industrial vibration control

This technical webinar will explore the various sources of vibration that can affect strip marking in steel and aluminium rolling mills. Real case studies will be used to describe how these vibrations are addressed in practice, both in terms of improving the structural dynamics of rolling mills & grinding machines and also in providing the necessary tools that address the process side of things. Such as monitoring systems, which will help the operators find the best conditions that minimise the occurrence of vibrations during rolling and grinding.

A post process roll inspection system, called Chatter_Detect, is also described, which is proving to be invaluable in detecting invisible chatter marks on the finished roll.

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