A complete range of solutions for isolating lightweight raked seating in cinemas.

When designing an auditorium, it is critical that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised by rigid connection to any surrounding structures. Our CineTIMBER systems ensure that the most important secondary structure in a cinema, the raked seating, is kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens.This keeps cinema sound where it belongs and prevents unwanted noise intrusion.

CineTIMBER is primarily intended for use with lightweight raked seating structures that incorporate timber and plasterboard stadia. CineTIMBER maximises noise and vibration isolation while keeping live-load deflection and structural ‘livelyness’ to a minimum..

We do not offer a CineTIMBER MAX grade as we do not recommend supporting 4DX seats with lightweight structures.

4DX Retro-Fitting Pitfalls to Avoid:

Where an existing raked seating structure is already isolated, incorporating a second layer of isolation can create an unpredictable double-spring system that has just as much chance of increasing low-frequency vibration levels as it does of reducing it.

Low Dynamic Mass
When isolating 4DX seating there should be as much mass as possible (concrete) above the acoustic isolator. Changing the profile of the tiering to accommodate the 4DX seat pitch is fine, however it is more beneficial to rely on the existing isolators or replace them entirely, rather than adding to the isolation system in place.

4DX retro-fitting pitfalls to avoid - advice from Farrat

Commercial cinema specification performance without concrete.

CineTIMBER PRO - Foot detail

CineTIMBER PRO Features:

  • ƒn @ Operating Load: 12 Hz
  • ƒn @ Dead Load: 14 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 25 mm
  • Max Pressure: 0.8 N/mm2
  • Max Live Load: 4x Dead Load
  • Isolator Type: Point Load, Bespoke-Cut

CineTIMBER PRO utilises composite stadia decking made from plywood, dense plasterboard and in some cases cement particle board to achieve very high levels of sound insulation without using concrete.


Extreme low-frequency isolation for the very lowest structural masses.

CineTIMBER LITE - 0% Compression

CineTIMBER LITE Features:

  • ƒn @ Operating Load: 10 Hz
  • ƒn @ Dead Load: 14 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 25 mm (pre-compressed 20 mm)
  • Max Pressure: 0.05 N/mm2
  • Max Live Load: 4x Dead Load
  • Isolator Type: Standard Strip

CineTIMBER LITE is one of the most innovative stadia isolation systems in the market. High-deflection acoustic washers pre-compress the load bearing isolation strips to achieve very low natural frequencies without dead load.


Market-leading sound insulation for cost-constrained projects.


CineTIMBER NEO Features:

  • ƒn @ Operating Load: 20 Hz
  • ƒn @ Dead Load: 24 Hz
  • Isolator Thickness: 17 mm
  • Max Pressure: 0.05 N/mm2
  • Max Live Load: 4x Dead Load
  • Isolator Type: Standard Strip

CineTIMBER NEO utilises 100% recycled and recyclable acoustic isolators that benefit from variable stiffness response, to provide high levels of sound insulation in lightweight structures. But compromises at the lowest frequencies.

Choose from our three CineTIMBER Grades

For structural and architectural reasons, it is important for secondary steel to deflect at a minimal and constant rate. This can be very difficult to achieve in typical cinema raked seating designs if the structure is mounted on low stiffness isolators with eccentric or variable load distribution.

CineTIMBER grades overcome this problem delivering controlled live load deflection at low natural frequencies:

  • For point loaded isolation bearingshigh-performance acoustic isolators are sized to match the baseplate profile to eliminate the risk of debris bridging the cavity. This bespoke sizing, along with individually designed tuning holes, provide a consistent rate of deflection across the whole structure, despite varying load profiles.
  • For line-loaded isolation strips – variable stiffness response and pre-compression are used to achieve the same goals.


For more information on how to integrate CineTIMBER into your design, please refer to the ‘Key Design Considerations’ section in the CineTIMBER Guide here.

CineTIMBER Grade Suitability

To identify which CineTIMBER grade of raked seating isolation is right for your stadia, use our suitability table below:

CINE TIMBER Grade Home Cinemas Lecture Theaters Existing Structures Commercial Cinemas TV Studios Theaters & Concert Halls 4DX
See CineSTEEL Here See CineSTEEL
See CineSTEEL Here
See CineSTEEL Here See CineSTEEL
See CineSTEEL Here
See CineSTEEL Here See CineSTEEL
See CineSTEEL Here

Farrat Total Acoustic Responsibility:
Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation & Inspection

Regardless of the CineTIMBER grade you choose, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that our expert engineers will be on hand to advise you every step of the way. We provide our customers with the best technical solutions to their engineering challenges and we always uphold client interest to make sure that the project is delivered successfully.

Design, Manufacture & Supply

Each CineTIMBER grade uses natural rubber isolators that are manufactured by Farrat in the UK, under an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system. All systems have been performance tested in UKAS and IPAC accredited laboratories.

The compounding and manufacture of our isolators is backed by over 60 years of Farrat research and development in elastomer science. The full range of Farrat Vibration Isolation Elastomers can be found here.

Special care has also been taken to consider build-ability, reliability and robustness in each design to ensure that the operator’s key interests are upheld, such as acoustic performance, longevity and life-cycle cost.

CineTIMBER designs do not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for the entire lifetime of a building. We are so confident of this that we offer performance warranties up to 25 years – the longest in the industry.

Global Logistics

CineTIMBER products have a 1-day to 3-week lead time.

We hold stock in both the UK and the MENA regions, which are managed by our distribution partner Unigroup. We also regularly export worldwide and have done for the last 60 years.


Installation & Inspection

All of our CineTIMBER systems are designed with ease of installation and follow-on trades in mind. Our team of engineers are on hand to offer advice relating to installation and we often provide site teams with installation training, followed by installation inspection.

We can deliver this both remotely and on-site, anywhere in the world.

Our fully trained installation partners include AcouStruct (UK), Unigroup (MENA) and our Farrat Team (Global).

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