Timber Frame Acoustic Isolation

Why choose Farrat for Acoustic Isolation of Timber Stadia Seating? (TISS)

For smaller cinema auditoria or refurbishments where access is constrained, a timber frame seating structure may be the only option. Effective isolation of timber seating structures proves challenging as the dynamic (live) loads are very high relative to the static (dead) loads, and the timber frame design may require full area support, further lowering the pressure on the acoustic isolation.

These challenges mean that a high performance isolator is required that can provide excellent vibration isolation performance at dead loads, whilst still being able to withstand the peak loads when the seating structure is full.

Farrat TISS systems utilise 3 core Farrat products to acoustically isolate timber stadia seating;

  • Verlimber VR16 – Farrat Verlimber has the capacity to deflect by up to 40% as part of a normal loading cycle and can provide a high level of acoustic isolation over a wide range of loads.
  • AWS-HD Washers Farrat Acoustic Washers ensure that bolt tension is always maintained
  • ABUM Bush – The ABUM bush dimensions are designed to match an M12 mechanical anchor, so only one drilling operation is required.

To find out more about the Farrat products used in application, please see the following pages or download our Farrat Datasheets:

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Timber Stadia Seating Site Applications:

0% Live Load - HD AWS Washer for Acoustic Isolation
100% Live Load - HD AWS Washer for Acoustic Isolation

Example Site Applications:

Step 1

Lay Verlimber strips out to set-out centre line of the timber frame. Small gaps to allow for changes in direction/curves are acceptable. Strip width should be equal to the timber bearer width.

Step 2

Lay timber beams or pre-constructed frame onto the Verlimber. Ensure pads are centred to the timber.

Step 3

Drill 18mm hole through timber, Verlimber and into concrete at ~600mm centres. Place mechanical anchor into hole, followed by ABUM bush, AWS-HD washer then the lock nut. Follow manufacturer’s instructions provided with mechanical anchors.

Step 4

Tighten the nut so that the AWS-HD washer compresses by 8-12mm. Alternatively, to assist with correctly achieving finished levels, artificially load the frame, then simply finger tighten the nut.

  • Verlimber VR16-25WW is stocked in 2000 x 1000 mm sheets
  • Strips supplied are 1000mm long and cut to width
  • Typical Lead Time: 2 – 3 working days. If cutting is required please add 5 days
  • Ordering: add strip width as 4 digit code as shown above, i.e.) for 90mm = 0090
AWS-HD Washer
  • AWS-HD Washers are 25mm thick x 25mm wide x 29mm tall
  • Available as Woven/Woven
  • Typical Lead Time: 10 – 15 working days

Specification, Material & Installation

Farrats friendly and helpful team can assist clients with a variety of high performance acoustic isolation solutions and damping materials.

Our team of noise & vibration engineers can provide detailed guidance on the specification of vibration isolation and damping materials, high performance sound insulation detailing and structural vibration isolation solutions at any stage of design and see this to completion with the supply of the market-leading materials and installation guidance.

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